Robert J. Scoff, P.E.

Robert J. Scoff, P.E., received a BS degree in Electrical Engineering in 1964 from Grove City College in Grove City, Pennsylvania. He then went on to earn a MS degree in Electrical Engineering from Rice University in Houston, Texas in 1966.

He has 15 years experience teaching at the college level in Engineering Technology programs.

Mr. Scoff has taught at Pennsylvania State University, Youngstown State University, and the University of Memphis.

He has also been owner or part owner of three companies. One of the companies, Cimco Electronics, Inc. builds temperature controllers for the dry type transformer industry and UL listed control panels. Another of the companies, Seven Maples Systems and Controls, Inc. specialized in electrical control service work, panel building, electrical installations, power factor correction, and various other electrical projects. Mr. Scoff currently serves as president of Power Systems Consulting which provides electrical engineering consulting, electrical training programs, forensics engineering, and serves as an expert witness in court cases.

Mr. Scoff is a Registered Professional Engineer in the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Tennessee, Mississippi, West Virginia, and Arkansas.

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