Introduction to Thermodynamics

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Introduction to Thermodynamics

Introduction to Thermodynamics 2017-08-22T12:00:36+00:00

Course Number: SEM-003

Length of Course: 8 hours

Seminar Location: This seminar is available for on-site training

In Introduction to Thermodynamics, you’ll learn …

  • Essential and basic thermodynamic concepts such as entropy, enthalpy, heat of fusion, heat of sublimation, latent and sensible heat
  • Thermodynamic processes, heat engine cycles, Mollier’s diagram, and pyschrometric analysis
  • The law of conservation of energy and how it influences myriad aspects of thermodynamic analysis
  • How to read and apply steam tables
  • Refrigeration cycle analysis on the basis of Pressure–Enthalpy Charts


This seminar provides a review of fundamental and intermediate concepts and principles associated with thermodynamics, with an emphasis on practical industrial and commercial applications. The seminar aims to refresh and familiarize attendees with analytical techniques and mathematical solutions of mainstream thermodynamics problems. This seminar is designed for both experienced engineers and participants with little or no thermodynamics background.

Case studies are used throughout the session to illustrate analytical techniques associated with heat flow, energy transfer, energy transformation, conversion of heat energy to work, sensible and latent heat transactions, and conversion of heat to electrical energy through steam turbines. Laws, equations, graphs, charts, tables and diagrams pertaining to various thermodynamics concepts are utilized in the analysis and solution of the case study problems.

This seminar is designed for a diverse audience that includes civil, electrical, mechanical, environmental, chemical, maintenance and industrial engineers, as well as managers and technicians who wish to enhance or reinforce their knowledge of thermodynamics principles and practices. Cross-discipline analogies are used, where applicable, to better illustrate thermodynamics concepts based on the make-up of the audience.

The seminar is based on the principles in the book Thermodynamics Made Simple for Energy Engineers, S. Bobby Rauf, Fairmont Press, 2012.

Specific Knowledge or Skill Obtained

This course teaches the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • The distinction between various energy and power units, heat flow rate, mass flow rate, work flow rate, energy flow rate, and inter-conversions
  • Mathematical principles and analytical methods associated with conversion of thermal energy to electricity through steam turbines and electric generators
  • How to analyze and solve HVAC type problems using a psychrometric chart
  • Digital HVAC control system, typical architecture and functionality of key components
  • Energy unit systems
  • Energy concepts and extension/application of the law of conservation of energy
  • Energy transformation concepts and analysis
  • Entropy, enthalpy, heat of fusion, heat of sublimation, latent and sensible heat
  • Digital HVAC control systems

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