Many engineers enjoy the dynamics and interactivity that can only be found in Instructor-Led Training (ILT), such as PDHengineer’s online webinars. But ILT is expensive to plan, develop, schedule, and deliver.

Nobody benefits when ILT seats go unsold. Lower attendance means less discussion and interaction between participants. And empty seats mean that ILT providers are collecting less of the revenue they need to offset the high costs of delivering the ILT.

PDHengineer’s Co-Branded ILT program is helping to solve this problem by filling webinar and seminar seats across the country. The program gives you the opportunity to co-brand a PDHengineer live training event. You receive a portion of the revenue generated by your members’ purchases.

Not only will you enjoy a new, lucrative revenue stream, but every time you sell a seat, you will be interacting with one of your members. Engagement is key to member retention!

Do You Host Your Own Seminars or Webinars?

Don’t settle for empty seats at your next live training event. Let PDHengineer market your live training products to our nationwide database of customers. Our Co-Branded ILT program uses a revenue-sharing model; there are no marketing or advertising fees involved.

Contact us today to learn more about PDHengineer’s Co-Branded ILT program.

Ken Hudspeth – General Manager

Phone: 1-877-PDHengineer (1-877-734-3644)