Mark R. Lesher, P.E.

Mark R. Lesher, P.E., a registered mechanical engineer in the state of Texas, has over 25 years design and manufacturing experience in both private industry (Magnavox, Motorola) and research (Southwest Research Institute). Mark has worked on and managed a number of commercial and government projects involving development of custom automation equipment and electro-mechanical machinery.

His core strengths are in the areas of Electro Mechanical Engineering, Technical Marketing, Production Automation, Technical Reporting, Presentations, and Product Development ; and Mechanical Design. Mr. Lesher was awarded a degree in electrical engineering from Louisiana Tech and a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Texas. He currently is a technical application engineer at Halfen USA, Inc. He is active in several chapters of SolidWorks User Groups across south Texas, as well as the San Antonio Manufacturer’s Association.