C. "Charles" Brunner, P.E., M.Eng.

Calvin R. "Charles" Brunner, P.E., M.Eng., has over 40 years experience in incineration technology specializing in the design, evaluation, construction, operation and permitting of incineration systems for industrial installations, site remediation, resource recovery facilities, hospitals and wastewater treatment plants. He is in private practice, doing business as Incinerator Consultants Incorporated. He is the author of thirteen widely used textbooks on incineration and related topics, presents seminars throughout the country and overseas on incineration systems applications and systems design and has written extensively on this subject for professional and trade publications. Mr. Brunner has also developed specialty computer programs for the analysis of thermal disposal systems.

He has been responsible for the execution of a number of hazardous waste incineration projects, including the use of incineration for the clean-up of contaminated sites.

His activities in the area of Medical Waste Incineration include the preparation of the popular textbook Medical Waste Disposal and the design and evaluation of incinerators both in the US and overseas. He has also worked on numerous municipal solid waste incineration and hazardous waste incineration projects.

Other projects include the design of over 30 sludge incinerators, preparation of operator training programs, trouble shooting for numerous operating sludge incinerators to reduce fuel cost and optimize performance, and incinerator permitting assistance. Additional projects include consulting for the USEPA, plasma arc evaluation for waste disposal, boiler failure evaluation, carbon regeneration furnace troubleshooting, assistance to PIRGs in New York and New Jersey, evaluation of incineration as a waste disposal option for various industrial clients, and many other studies of thermal disposal for waste treatment and destruction.

Mr. Brunner is a Diplomate of American Academy of Environmental Engineers and a licensed Professional Engineer in the states of New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Mr. Brunner has written the following textbooks:

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