J. Edward Hardin, P.E.

J. Edward Hardin, P.E., holds both a Chemical Engineering Degree (1960), University Cincinnati and an MBA (1984) Queens University (Charlotte). He has continued studies at Carnegie-Mellon (1961), Education Courses in California for teaching, several industrial specialty courses through Professional Societies, and Ethics and Philosophy. He also been a registered engineer in North Carolina for over 30 years.

He has published papers on Fluid Bed Drying, Carbon Paste Heat Conduction, Fluid Handling, Valves, Specialty Pumps, and several process reviews. These have been published in Chemical Engineering, Fluid Handling Systems, AIME-Light Metals, and Plant Services.

Mr. Hardin has served as a process area manager, development engineer for plants and equipment, marketing manager for international engineering and construction services, and specialty consultant for a variety of organic, plastic and elemental manufacturing processes. In the construction field, managing several multimillion dollar projects, he directed all activities to achieve fulfillment of requirements within months, instead of typical years from their ground breaking to start-up. He served as plant safety representative for an international facility which achieved company award level recognition in the second year of foreign plant operation.

Currently Mr. Hardin continues his consulting and article preparation.