George T. Hummert, P.E., Ph.D.

George T. Hummert, P.E., PhD, is a consulting engineer performing specialized consulting in the areas of Electrical Failure Analysis, Electrical Accident Evaluation, Product Liability, analysis and evaluation of electrical components and systems, electrical designs, standards and codes compliance, and maintenance.

Dr. Hummert holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University as well as an MS EE and BS EE. He has been published in numerous publications writing on various topics including Photoionization Measurements in Air, Oxygen and Nitrogen, Real Time Simulation of Elevators, and Current Distribution in Insulated Fiber Contacts.

Thirteen patents have been awarded to Dr. Hummert including several related to elevator systems and simulations. He currently has a patent pending on a "Control and Diagnostic System for Vehicles," which was filed in December of 2003.

Mr. Hummert is a registered as a professional Engineer in the states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and South Carolina and is a member of IEEE.