John Philip Whitman, P.E. (Inactive), BS, MS

John Philip Whitman, P.E. (Inactive), BS ChE, MS ChE, is a semi-retired Professional Engineer with more than four decades of engineering experience. Mr. Whitman was awarded a BS from Tulane University in 1966 and MS in 1968 from the University of Tennessee.

Following graduation, Mr. Whitman began his career with Humble Oil Company (now Exxon) developing computer control algorithms for the hydrocracker, light ends fractionation, and catalytic reforming. Later, for El Paso Natural Gas Company, he developed computer control strategy for a coal gasification plant and developed the engineering specifications and bid package for the company’s first natural gas processing plant computer control system.

Later, working as technical liaison for the American Gas Association, he consulted various U.S. government agencies such as the FERC and the DOE regarding natural gas supply, demand, well-head pricing, end-user pricing, transportation, legislation, regulation, and efficient usage. As an expert on the use of natural gas as a fleet automotive fuel, he was retained by the World Bank to perform a feasibility study on converting Egyptian government fleets to natural gas. Mr. Whitman also appeared before the U. S. Senate Energy Committee to advocate the use of natural gas as a fleet automotive fuel.

Mr. Whitman’s later career includes nearly 20 years as a forensic engineer investigating the cause and origin of explosions, fires, chemical releases, product contamination, site contamination, coating failures, water tower problems, and other things that go wrong in refineries, chemical plants, gas plants, textile plants, pipelines, various other manufacturing and transportation facilities, homes, and commercial buildings. He has testified as an expert witness 20 times either in depositions or trials.