Fluid Statics, Hydrodynamics, and Hydraulic Machines (WEBINAR)

Course Number: M-7007W
Credit: 7 PDH
Subject Matter Expert: Bobby Rauf, P.E., C.E.M., M.B.A.
Scheduled: Tuesday, June, 13, 2017, 9:00am - 4:50pm ET (8am CT, 7am MT, 6am PT)
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In Fluid Statics, Hydrodynamics, and Hydraulic Machines, you'll learn ...

  • Fundamental concepts and analytical principles of hydrostatics
  • Functions and applications of hydraulic machines commonly found in industrial and commercial environments
  • Electrical equipment and instrumentation used in industrial applications
  • How to perform mathematical analyses to match system head requirements with available pump curves


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This webinar serves as an introduction to fluid statics, hydrodynamics, and hydraulic machines. Participants in this live, interactive webinar will acquire the knowledge and skills for solving hydrodynamics problems, making distinctions between various types of hydraulic machines, and selecting hydraulic machines for specific system head requirements. Engineers who possess prior fluids knowledge and experience can also benefit from this webinar by freshening up on the fundamentals of fluids and hydraulics engineering.

The webinar transitions from hydraulics concepts to laws, mathematical equations, sample problems, and practical hydraulics case study examples.


Specific Knowledge or Skill Obtained

This course teaches the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Hydrostatics concepts and analysis
  • Mathematical principles and analytical methods for solving hydrodynamics problems
  • Electrical equipment and instrumentation: motors, transformers, switchgear, protection devices, power/energy monitoring systems
  • Fluid flow energy analysis
  • Types of hydraulic machines: pumps and turbines
  • Positive displacement (PD) reciprocating pumps
  • Rotary pumps
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Hydraulic machine formulae and terminology
  • Efficiency and power delivery stages
  • Pumping power formulas
  • Specific speed and affinity laws
  • System head requirements
This course is applicable to professional engineers in:
Alabama (P.E.) Alaska (P.E.) Arkansas (P.E.)
Delaware (P.E.) Florida (P.E. Area of Practice) Georgia (P.E.)
Idaho (P.E.) Illinois (P.E.) Indiana (P.E.)
Iowa (P.E. - Live Course) Kansas (P.E.) Kentucky (P.E.)
Louisiana (P.E.) Maine (P.E.) Maryland (P.E. Category A)
Michigan (P.E.) Minnesota (P.E.) Mississippi (P.E.)
Missouri (P.E.) Montana (P.E.) Nebraska (P.E.)
Nevada (P.E.) New Hampshire (P.E.) New Jersey (P.E.)
New Mexico (P.E.) New York (P.E. Live Course) North Carolina (P.E.)
North Dakota (P.E.) Ohio (P.E. Timed & Monitored) Oklahoma (P.E.)
Oregon (P.E.) Pennsylvania (P.E.) South Carolina (P.E.)
South Dakota (P.E.) Tennessee (P.E.) Texas (P.E.)
Utah (P.E.) Virginia (P.E.) West Virginia (P.E.)
Wisconsin (P.E. Live Course) Wyoming (P.E.)

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