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Natural Gas Processing for Operators

Natural Gas Processing for Operators 2017-05-03T15:21:59+00:00

On-Site Training | Program Summary | List of Seminar Topics – International | Natural Gas Processing for Operators

Course Number: PDHEI-018

Length of Course: 40 hours

Seminar Location: This seminar is available for on-site training in international locations

In Natural Gas Processing for Operators, you’ll learn …

  • Sources of Natural gas: Gas Reservoirs, Condensate reservoirs, and Oil Reservoirs
  • Raw Natural Gas constituents: Hydrocarbons, Water, Inert Gases, Acid Gases, and Other Contaminants
  • Natural Gas Products: Transmission Pipeline Gas, Ethane, Propane, Butane, Natural Gasoline, Condensate, NGL, LNG
  • Transmission Pipeline Gas Specification: Heating Value, Water Dew Point, Hydrocarbon Dew Point, CO2 Content, H2S Content
  • Gas Plants Flow Diagrams: BFD, PFD, P&ID
  • Initial Separation: Slug Catchers, Two Phase Separators, Three Phase Separators, Vertical Separators, Horizontal Separators, Spherical Separators
  • Condensate Stabilization: Vapor Pressure, API Gravity, Sulfur Content
  • Amine Sweetening Processes: MEA, DEA, DGA, MDEA
  • Dehydration Using Glycols: DEG, TEG
  • Dehydration Using Solid Desiccants: Mole-Sieves
  • NGL Recovery: Propane Refrigeration, JT Valve, Turbo-Expander, Demethanizer, Residue Gas, NGL
  • Fractionation: Demethanizer, Deethanizer, Depropanizer, Debutanizer, Natural Gasoline
  • Emission Control: Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer


This seminar introduces the basic principles of natural gas processing in a simple, easy to understand, format. Participants will learn how raw natural gas – normally containing many contaminants – is converted to a clean gas fuel, several other forms of energy sources, and many chemicals that are feedstock of petrochemical industry. Attendees will get an introduction to all the sciences and technologies that make all these complex processes possible and economical.

Participants will learn the purpose/function of each process, operation of the unit, and all of the equipment involved. They will understand how the raw natural gas constituents affect the economics of processing. By the end of the course the participants will have a good understanding of the path and various processes raw natural gas goes through to deliver clean fuels and valuable chemical products.

This seminar caters to engineers of all disciplines, as well as technicians, facilities managers and executives who are not intimately familiar with natural gas processes. The seminar binder will provide a wealth of knowledge and will be a great source for future reference.

Specific Knowledge or Skill Obtained

This course teaches the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Familiarization with raw gas constituents
  • Introduction to various products of natural gas and their specifications
  • Understanding of acid gases’ removal processes
  • Understanding of water vapor removal processes
  • Methods for maximizing hydrocarbon liquids recovery
  • Process of fractionation of NGL to obtain pure hydrocarbons while maximizing profits

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