Most states allow engineers to earn all of their PDH credits through self-study courses or by a combination of methods of the engineer’s choosing. On the other hand, some states have specific requirements for “live” or “timed and monitored” educational activities.

  • PDHengineer’s live, interactive webinars fulfill the requirements for PDH in all states and provide an easy, cost-effective way to earn these credits.
  • Wisconsin engineers must use live programs for 13 of their 30 required hours. Webinars are accepted by the board to fulfill the live training requirement.
  • Iowa engineers need at least 20 of the 30 required PDH to be earned with live training.
  • Ohio engineers use PDHengineer’s webinars to meet the intent of the board’s “timed and monitored” courses, which can be used for all of the required credit hours.
  • Nebraska engineers can use PDHengineer’s live, interactive webinars to meet all of their PDH requirement. Live, interactive webinars are not limited in the number of hours that can be used to meet the requirement.
  • Engineers in all other states can use webinars to meet a portion or their entire PDH requirement. PDHengineer’s webinars are designed to be accepted by every state engineering board.

Why attend a PDHengineer webinar?

PDHengineer schedules a large number of webinars each month covering a variety of subjects. And, our instructors share a wealth of real-life experience with the groups. PDHengineer keeps webinars groups small so that every participant can share ideas and ask questions. Our webinars are truly a session of sharing ideas and issues that we face in our practice.

Each of our webinars features two-way communication between attendees and instructor. You can ask questions that become the basis for group discussion. Get help with your current projects and offer help to others in your profession. PDHengineer’s webinars are all about sharing knowledge. The participation of the attendees is what makes our live webinars a rewarding experience.

If you’re licensed in a state that requires live contact hours or simply prefer to learn and share in an interactive format, PDHengineer webinars are your solution. Plus, every one of our webinars is guaranteed to be accepted by your state board.

A listing of scheduled webinars is available on our webinar calendar. Or, you can see a list of all webinars that we offer. (Due to the large number of titles offered, not every webinar will be scheduled each month. If you see a title that you feel would be of interest, it’s best to register early since our policy of selling a limited number of seats means webinars do sell out quickly.)

Training Managers or Groups

If your organization has a need to train a group of engineers, all of our webinars are available for private sessions at reduced rates.