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4 Facts You Must Know Before You Pick a PDH Provider

Does your PDH provider …

1. Publish REAL courses or just copies of government documents?

2. Have a history of courses being rejected by state licensing boards?

3. Have LEGITIMATE subject matter experts or does one guy “write” all the courses?

4. Have a thorough understanding of every state’s PDH requirements and a working relationship with the Boards’ staff?

“I like it. I find it very informative and worthwhile to use these courses to fulfill the annual PDH requirement. I’ve learned a lot so far.”
Robert Wolf, PE, Conway, AR

“It was good. Everything worked as it should have using the online training. I have taken other courses, but these seemed to work better.”

Paul Smith, PE, Denton, TX

“It’s nice to know that there are effective ways to further educate and obtain PDH requirements without having to travel or miss work.”

Craig Cuppernell, PE, Galveston, TX

As you sit at your computer reading this, state boards are tightening their compliance monitoring and rejecting PDH credits during audits. You need to switch to PDHengineer because most other online PDH providers are just too risky to chance.

State boards require PDH courses to be authored by persons who are well-qualified by education or experience to teach the subject matter. Most online PDH providers have multitudes of courses that are simply U.S. government technical manuals and whitepapers. These providers list one engineer who is the “author” of dozens of courses covering a broad range of topics in multiple engineering disciplines.

As I’m sure you already know, it’s impossible for one person to be well-qualified in all engineering disciplines. As such, many of these courses are not acceptable for PDH credit and may be rejected when you’re audited by your state licensing board. What will you do when you open the mailbox and find a letter from the Board stating that your license has been suspended?

PDHengineer has REAL courses authored by more than 200 subject matter experts. Our compliance team maintains a relationship with Board staff and keeps track of changes in PDH requirements. We have issued over 700,000 hours of PDH credits and we’ve NEVER had a single credit hour rejected by a state licensing board! We triple guarantee that your PDH credits will be accepted by your state board.

Now that you know the truth, it’s time to start using PDHengineer to earn your PDH credits.

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PDH for Professional Engineers License Renewal
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