Become a affiliate and start earning commissions. Participation is free and the sign-up process is simple.

How Does it Work?

  • You place links on your site to
  • Visitors click from your site to and purchase courses or webinars.
  • You earn a royalty on every sale.

Program Details

  • Earn 12 percent on every course and webinar purchased.
  • Continue earning commission from each web visitor for 60 days.

That’s right. Let’s say that a user clicks on a link from your site, but doesn’t make a purchase during the initial session. The user returns to a month later via another means, such as clicking on a link from a search engine. The user then purchases a course. You get a 12 percent commission. You will continue to get a commission for all course purchases for 60 days after a user session is initiated on from a link on your site.

Why Should You Become a affiliate?

  • You get a no-hassle, maintenance-free revenue stream.
  • With individual product prices ranging from $30 to $500, commissions add up quickly.
  • Most engineers need 15 to 30 hours for license renewal, resulting in frequent multiple-course purchases from individual users.
  • Offer your web visitors convenient access to continuing education that they are mandated to complete – useful links enhance the value of your website in the eye of the user.
  • Commissions are simple. There are no complicated tier systems based on your volume of sales or the types of items sold. You get 12 percent for every sale.
  • Multiple banner sizes and text links available for linking to

This is also an excellent way to make use of unsold space on your association’s email newsletters or blasts. Simply insert a link and receive a commission for every sale resulting from the ad.

Join the Affiliate Program now.

The PDHengineer Affiliate Program is professionally managed by, who is responsible for tracking sales and payment of commissions.

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