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PDHengineer offers a variety of options for you to save money on our online courses and webinars, which are all covered by the PDHengineer Triple Guarantee.

PDHengineer Reward Tokens

With every course or webinar your purchase, you will earn PDHengineer Reward Tokens. For every 10 Tokens you earn, you can get a free 1 PDH course or webinar! You don’t need to sign up or register – Reward Tokens are automatically credited to your account. Learn more →

Current Promotions Newsletter

Get the inside track on promotions and discounts offered by PDHengineer. Sign up for our Current Promotions Newsletter and you’ll get an instant discount code you can use right now. We’ll also periodically send you exclusive offers by email, which are made available to only a limited number of customers. Learn more →

Special Value Packages

Special Value Packages contain a preselected mix of courses at a deeply discounted price. A wide variety of packages is available which are tailored to specific engineering disciplines and state requirements. Browse Special Value Packages →

Build Your Own Packages

If you prefer to select your own courses and webinars, Build Your Own Packages are available in multiple increments ranging from 15 PDH to 50 PDH. Credits purchased using our Build Your Own Package program do not expire, so you can lock in savings for multiple renewal periods. Learn more→