• Earn 1 Reward Token per PDH purchased
  • No enrollment forms to complete. You automatically earn tokens with every purchase.

  • Check your token balance anytime. Click the My Account link at the top of any page.


  • Redeem tokens for free courses and webinars
  • Courses: 10 tokens = 1 PDH
  • Webinars: 10 tokens = 1 PDH
  • Simply choose “Tokens” during the purchase process

With PDHengineer’s Reward Tokens, you’ll earn a 1 PDH course or webinar for each 10 PDH you purchase. Best of all, unused tokens accumulate in your login account forever – they never expire.

And PDHengineer provides something that is unheard of in any loyalty program — compound rewards. So, what are compound rewards? When you redeem Reward Tokens for free courses or webinars, you earn more rewards tokens. The rewards keep compounding on top of each other.

You won’t find compound rewards in your airline miles program or anywhere else. In fact, we’ll give you 5 free tokens if you can find a compound rewards program in any industry. Just send us a link to the program at support@PDHengineer.com.

PDHengineer Reward Tokens mean free online PDH courses for engineers.
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Reward Tokens are automatically credited and never expire; however the program may be changed without notice at any time in the future. In the event the program is changed or cancelled, earned tokens will remain in your account until they are redeemed provided you have enough tokens for redemption. Tokens are valid for use only by the account (email address) for which they were originally issued and cannot be transferred to another person. If your email address changes, please make the change in your login account through “My Account.” Do not create a second login account as the Reward Tokens cannot be transferred to a second account. Reward Tokens do not have a cash value and cannot be applied to prior purchases. Certain products may not be available for token redemption, and we reserve the right to disqualify certain products from earning tokens for their purchase. These terms and conditions apply only to Rewards Tokens for individual login accounts on PDHengineer.com. These terms and conditions do not apply to individual bulk purchase tokens and group shared tokens.