Does your company employ a large group of engineers? Are you looking for a lively, yet intimate training experience for your employees? PDHengineer can deliver any one of our existing webinar topics exclusively to your employees as a Private Webinar.

Each webinar is presented online with a live audio/visual feed that can be viewed on a computer or projected onto a screen in a conference room. The format is suitable whether your employees are gathered together in one conference room or spread out at multiple sites across the country. Your engineers will be able to ask questions and interact live with the instructor and with each other.

Private Webinars provide an excellent means to provide consistent, quality training to your staff.

For more information or to discuss how PDHengineer’s Private Webinars can benefit your company, contact:

Josh Rodriguez, Webinar Coordinator

Phone: 1-877-PDHengineer (1-877-734-3644)