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On-Site Training / List of Seminar Topics

The following off-the-shelf seminar topics are available for presentation in North American locations. Additional titles covering the subject of Engineering Ethics are also available. Our content development team can customize certain topics or develop new presentations from scratch to meet the specific needs of your business. All topics can be presented in various lengths or can be combined for multi-day events.

Our representative will be happy to discuss options and scheduling with you.

Civil Structural

Advantages and Pitfalls of Unreinforced Masonry Construction
Design Fundamentals of Heavy Timber and Sawn Wood Construction
Principles of Concrete
Principles of Steel Design
The Simplified Design and Practical Use of Engineered Wood Products
Wind Engineering: Calculating Wind Forces on Structures

Control Systems

Programmable Logic Controllers: How They Work and How to Make Them Work for You


A Simple Way to Look at Three Phase Power
AC/DC Circuits for Non-Electrical Engineers
Arc Flash NFPA 70E Introduction and 2012 Update
Electrical Engineering Fundamentals and Hydroelectric Power Generation
Electrical Forensics Engineering
Fuses and Circuit Breakers Operation and Coordination
How Harmonics are Generated
How to Start and How to Stop: AC/DC Motor Control
Power Factor Correction: How it Works and How to Design for It
The 35000 Degree F Flash That Can Vaporize Copper and Throw Shrapnel at 700mph: Arc Flash Safety
Variable Frequency Drives


Engineering Ethics: Accepting Gifts and Amenities
Engineering Ethics: The East Ohio Gas Company Explosion
Engineering Ethics: The Great Boston Molasses Flood
Engineering Ethics: The Kansas City Hyatt Walkway Collapse
Engineering Ethics: The Minnesota I-35W Bridge Collapse
The Shocking Truth About Ethical Choices Faced by Engineers


Forensic Structural Inspections: Examination, Diagnosis, and Remedy for Building Structures


Engineering Triumphs: Living Large and Material World

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