Fluid Statics, Hydrodynamics and Hydraulic Machines

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Fluid Statics, Hydrodynamics and Hydraulic Machines

Fluid Statics, Hydrodynamics and Hydraulic Machines 2017-08-22T12:06:36+00:00

Course Number: SEM-006

Length of Course: 8 hours

Seminar Location: This seminar is available for on-site training

In Fluid Statics, Hydrodynamics and Hydraulic Machines, you’ll learn …

  • How to analyze and solve fluid or hydraulics problems with an enhanced understanding of hydrostatics and hydrodynamics principles, concepts, laws and analytical techniques
  • How to specify and select suitable hydraulic machines for your specific system head and flow rate requirements
  • How to analyze frictional head losses and determine pump head and horsepower requirements
  • How to determine the amount of electrical power generated, in KW’s or MW’s, under known hydraulic elevation head (reservoir level) conditions, for hydroelectric projects


This seminar focuses on hydrostatics (fluid statics), hydrodynamics (fluid dynamics) and hydraulic machines and is designed for both experienced engineers and participants with little or no fluid mechanics background.

The seminar covers fluid concepts and laws, mathematical equations, sample problems and practical hydraulics case study examples, including laminar and turbulent flow and the calculation of frictional head losses and flow rates. Attendees will learn to analyze fluid or hydraulic systems and find solutions to mainstream hydrostatic, hydrodynamics and hydraulic machine problems. Participants will also gain an appreciation of the “water to wire” transformation of hydraulic power to electrical energy.

The seminar is designed for a diverse audience that includes civil, electrical, mechanical, environmental, chemical and industrial engineers, as well as project managers and technicians who wish to enhance or reinforce their technical knowledge of hydraulics. Cross-discipline analogies are used, where applicable, to better illustrate concepts based on the make-up of the audience. For those participants who possess prior fluids knowledge and experience, this seminar serves as a refresher that will help you stay abreast of fluids and hydraulics engineering fundamentals.

Specific Knowledge or Skill Obtained

This course teaches the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Hydrostatics and hydrodynamics concepts and analyses
  • Manning’s equation and fluid flow rate calculations
  • Application of Bernoulli’s equation for calculation of fluid flow and fluid energy analysis
  • Application of Darcy equation and Hazen-William’s equations for calculation of frictional head losses in fluid systems
  • Hydraulic machines, such as pumps, that are commonly applied in the industrial and commercial environment
  • Mathematical analysis involving matching of system head requirements with available pump curves
  • Hydraulic machines commonly applied in the hydroelectric systems environment, such as turbines

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