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The Greene Turbine

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On-Site Training | Program Summary | List of Seminar Topics – North America | The Greene Turbine

Course Number: SEM-R-2011

Length of Course: 2 hours – Several topics can be combined to provide up to an 8 hour seminar session

Seminar Location: This seminar is available for on-site training

In The Greene Turbine, you’ll learn …


  • What hydrokinetic energy is and how to harvest it
  • The design history and assembly process for The Greene Turbine
  • How The Greene Turbine works
  • How The Greene Turbine handles the torque problem


A large percentage of the energy we use today comes from the burning of nonrenewable energy sources, such as oil, natural gas, coal, and uranium. While specialists disagree on how soon we will run out of nonrenewable energy sources, there is no denying that they will one day become scarce and difficult to recover. This fact, together with the harsh environmental impact of harvesting these energy sources, makes the generation of renewable energy both a pressing concern for today’s engineers and a promising area for innovation and ingenuity.

One of the largest untapped sources of renewable energy is hydrokinetic energy or the energy of moving water. This seminar focuses on The Greene Turbine, which uses an internal fluid drive system to transmit hydrokinetic energy to the turbine without a mechanical connection, a process which could change the way we look at generating electrical power. Invented by Geoff Greene of Memphis, Tennessee, The Greene Turbine produces a large amount of energy in an environmentally friendly way. Indeed, it might possibly generate up to ten percent of the electrical energy consumed in our country. A Proof of Concept test has already been done on The Greene Turbine and plans are underway to deploy the first production model in the Mississippi River.

We will examine the technology used in The Greene Turbine and see how this new electrical energy generator works. Participants in this exciting webinar will no doubt gain a new perspective on energy use and consumption. Studying inventions like The Greene Turbine may encourage other entrepreneurs to envision and develop new methods for generating energy and help us all live in a world where clean renewable energy is the norm.

Take away and learning objectives

This course teaches the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Renewable energy sources
  • What hydrokinetic energy is
  • What the difficulties are in harvesting this energy
  • The various types of turbines that can be used to harvest energy from moving and falling water
  • The type of turbine used in The Greene Turbine
  • The environmental impact of The Greene Turbine
  • What the torque problem is and how The Greene Turbine addresses it
  • How The Greene Turbine works

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