PDHengineer approval letter for 2015-2015 Professional Ethics 1 PDH coursePDHengineer approval letter for 2015-2015 Laws and Rules 1 PDH coursePDHengineer is Florida approved
Florida CPC or PDH for Professional Engineers

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Requirements

Continuing Education or PDH is known as CPD in Florida

PDHengineer is approved by the Florida Board of Professional Engineers as a provider of continuing education for professional engineers. Click on the thumbnails to the right to view the approval as an Area of Practice Continuing Education Provider as listed on the Florida Board website (CEP #0003610); our 2015 – 2017 Laws and Rules approval (Course #0010040); and our 2015 – 2017 Ethics approval (course #0010010).

Here is a summary of the engineering continuing education requirements mandated by the Florida Board of Professional Engineers.

Subject Requirement
Hours Required 18 PDH biennially
Renewal Dates February 28 of odd years for all engineers
Board Approval Florida pre-approves providers/sponsors of continuing education activities, but not specific courses or activities. An activity or course must be presented by a board-approved provider/sponsor in order for the activity to be accepted. Each approved course provider is issued a Continuing Education Provider (CEP) number. PDHengineer.com is a Board-approved sponsor of area of practice, the state-mandated laws and rules course, and the state-mandated ethics course (Florida Continuing Education Provider #0003610) listed under the name of our parent company, Decatur Professional Development, LLC.
Approved Content Florida’s Continuing Education requirements have changed effective March 1, 2015. The new requirements provide that the licensee must earn 1 PDH relating to Florida’s engineering laws and rules, 1 PDH must relate to professional ethics; 4 PDH must directly relate to the licensee’s area of practice; and the remaining hours can be related to any topic pertinent to the practice of engineering. Certain topics are not considered “pertinent to the practice of engineering” and are not acceptable as continuing education. Unacceptable topics include marketing, foreign language skills, and basic math skills as defined in board rule 61G15-20.007 which states math courses must be “beyond algebra and trigonometry” and must “emphasize mathematical concepts and principles rather than computation.”
Approved Activities Internet courses are specifically listed as approved activities. There is no limit on the number of PDHs that can be earned through online continuing education.
PDH Carryover Hours cannot be carried forward into the next renewal period.
  1. Beginning with the Fifth Edition of the Florida Building Code, engineers participating in design of engineering works or systems covered by the Code must complete at least one “advanced” Florida Building Code course within 12 months of the effective date of each edition of the code. The course can be counted as a part of the engineer’s area of practice requirement.
  2. The Board specifically states that personal self-improvement courses, equipment demonstrations, trade shows, and personal, estate, or financial planning courses will not be accepted for PDH credit. Additionally, “courses the content of which is below the level of knowledge and skill that reflects the responsibility of engineer in charge” will not be accepted.
  3. Continuing education providers must furnish each participant with an individual certificate of attendance. Attendance records must be maintained by continuing education providers and by the licensee for a minimum of 4 years. PDHengineer meets this requirement by providing you with the ability to instantly access and print a certificate upon successful completion of a course or webinar. Additionally, your certificates of completion are securely maintained by PDHengineer for a minimum of ten years and can be accessed online at any time through your login account.

Last updated on March 21, 2017

PDHengineer credits have been accepted by the Florida Board of Professional Engineers, as well as all other U.S. state boards that mandate continuing education for engineers. In fact, no PDHengineer course or webinar has ever been rejected by a state licensing board. We’re so confident about the acceptability of our PDH credits that every PDHengineer course and webinar comes with the PDHengineer Triple Guarantee:

If your state licensing board does not accept any PDHengineer course or webinar:

  • We will give you a full refund
  • We will pay for a replacement course or webinar
  • We will pay any associated license renewal penalties or late fees

Disclaimer: The information listed above represents a summary of the Board’s requirements and is provided solely for the convenience of PDHengineer.com’s users. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, Decatur Professional Development, LLC and its affiliate PDHengineer.com make no guarantee regarding the accuracy or completeness of the data listed above. It is the responsibility of each engineer to investigate the Board’s rules to ensure his/her own compliance. You are strongly encouraged to contact the Board directly for a complete listing of the Board’s current requirements.