Help your members get the continuing education they need and earn money for your association in the process.

Attracting and retaining members is a top priority for associations. According to the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), the number one reason members do not renew their membership is lack of perceived value.

Lack of engagement is another issue. In a data analytics study conducted for one association by Marketing General, Inc., it was determined that members who did not place a product order in the past year were 28% less likely to renew than those who had placed an order.

The PDHengineer Association Partnership (PAP) program allows you to provide continuing education to your members at a substantial discount. This member benefit has a high perceived value since continuing education is mandatory for most professional engineers. Plus, the sale and delivery of training products can significantly increase the number of yearly interactions between your association and its members. Engagement is key to member retention!

Perhaps the best feature of the PAP program is that it delivers revenue to your association. Every time one of your members purchases a course or webinar, your association collects a royalty from the sale. Join NSPE, IEEE, and other organizations who are already partnering with PDHengineer. The PAP program is not just for national organizations. Local chapters are also invited to enroll in the program.

For information about PAP, call Ken Hudspeth, General Manager, at 1-877-PDHengineer (1-877-734-3644) or email.

A number of options* are available to accommodate the specific needs of your organization.

Custom Branded E-Learning Library

Deliver a custom e-learning library to your members through your own branded Learning Management System. Learn more →

Group Discount Program

Your members receive a discount each time your association’s unique discount code is used to purchase products on And the association receives a royalty from each sale. Learn more →

Affiliate Program

Get paid for driving traffic to from your association’s website. Provide links to specific courses or simply link to PDHengineer’s home page. Learn more →

Co-Branded Instructor-Led Training

Partner with PDHengineer to co-host webinars and seminars. You’ll increase engagement with your members and enjoy a regular revenue stream in the process! Learn more →

* Minimum member participation levels apply for some options.