Job Summary

Job Number:   L042220
Location:   Not Specified
Employee Type:   Independent Contractor
Base Pay:   Not Specified
Other Pay:   Royalty
Education:   Bachelor’s Degree (minimum)
Experience:   Not Specified
Certifications:   Registered PE (Active, Inactive, or Retired)
Travel Requirements:   None

Description is seeking engineers with excellent written communication skills to write engineering continuing education courses. This is a part-time, contract opportunity and allows you to determine your own schedule and the number of hours worked. The position lends itself especially well to retired, semi-retired, or self-employed engineers, or any other engineers who have flexibility in scheduling. As there is no set schedule or predetermined deadlines to meet, any engineer with a desire to make productive use of downtime is encouraged to apply.

Applicants should have an engineering background in any industry and be willing to share the knowledge acquired through their career. In addition to helping peers, authors also build their own knowledge through the research required when writing a course.

Authors receive a percentage of the selling price of each course they have written. Most courses can remain in our sales catalog for several years, allowing an author to develop their own library of courses, thereby ensuring a growing revenue stream. In addition to royalty payments, course authors are entitled to a 50% discount on any courses they purchase from PDHengineer. In most states, engineers can also claim credit against their personal continuing education requirement when a course has been written and received by PDHengineer for publication.

Course material can cover material in any engineering discipline. The most requested subject areas include building design / structural engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, HVAC, renewable energy, and others. However, any subject matter pertinent to a professional engineer is permissible. As your course development begins, our Review Team can provide assistance in determining which subject areas are in highest demand.

Candidates for this position must be skilled communicators with the ability to express themselves well in written form. The selection process will include a review of the applicant’s educational background, work history, communication skills, and licensure status (if applicable). While it is not a requirement that authors are licensed engineers, it is required that potential authors are subject matter experts in their field.

Additional information on this position and an explanatory video can be found here. To apply for this position, you can use the online application form or send a cover letter and resume to the following email address. In the subject line of the email, include the Job Number listed above:

Send resume to:

Upon review of the resume and associated materials, a representative will contact you with further details on the application process.

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