Anthony O. Righellis, P.E.

Anthony O. Righellis, P.E., has 29 years of experience as a site, utility, and roadway design civil engineer and flood plain specialist including studies, designs, land-use processing, and the administration of public and private projects. He received his MS CE (specialty in hydraulics) from Utah State University in 1978 preceded by his BS CE Cum Laude from University of the Pacific, in 1976. Mr. Righellis is a Professional Engineer in California, Illinois, Mississippi, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

Mr. Righellis has been the lead engineer for over one hundred land developments and public improvement projects. The projects have included large residential developments, industrial parks, arterial road expansions, retaining walls, small structures, water lines, trunk sewers, and storm drainage.

Mr. Righellis has analyzed over 600 miles of rivers, creeks, and lakes in Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho and performs this work on a regional basis. Two letters of commendation have been received from the Corps of Engineers for his Mt. St. Helens post-eruption hydraulic modeling of the Cowlitz and Toutle Rivers and one from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for several studies in Oregon. Mr. Righellis has performed numerous post-flood damage analyses to determine causes and remedies and he has worked to determine damage causes of Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi.

Mr. Righellis is the co-author of Civil Tools. With thousands of copies sold since 1986, it is one of the more popular civil engineering computer software packages on the market. Civil Tools PRO achieved National Finalist status by ACEC in their 2006 Engineering Excellence Awards competition.

Mr. Righellis was part of the software team that developed the stress analysis programs for the first flights of the B-1 bomber.