Harbi Pordal, Ph.D.

Harbi Pordal, PhD, received his BS from IIT, India and MS and PhD in Engineering from the University of Cincinnati, OH. He has 14 years of experience in providing solutions to fluid flow and thermal problems. Dr. Pordal has a deep understanding of fluid flow, heat transfer, multiphase flows, mixing, compressible flows, porous media flows, combustion, rotating machinery flows and reacting flow fields.

He is currently employed as a Staff Consultant to Principal at Stress Engineering Services, Inc. In his current role, Dr. Pordal provides consulting services to a number of industries such as chemical process, aerospace, biomedical, pharmaceutical, power generation, oil & gas, manufacturing, consumer products. He has been widely published in reputed journals and magazines and has been a reviewer for professional journals.

Dr. Pordal has provided professional development courses on CFD through AICHE and has several years of teaching experience training engineers in the use of commercial CFD software. He was previously employed as business manager, North America with AEA Technology the provider of CFX a commercial CFD software.

He is proficient in the analysis of flow fields in various process equipment such as static mixers, stirred tank reactors, steam water separators, gas-liquid bubble column reactors, gas-liquid separators, evaporators, chemical vapor deposition reactors, packed bed reactors, and particle mills. Heat transfer application experience includes analysis of process heaters, burners and furnaces. Dr. Pordal is experienced in the analysis of flows over airfoils, circular cylinders, nozzles and shear flows, transonic and supersonic flows, hydraulic flows in weirs, pumps, compressors, and cross-over elements.

Dr. Pordal has been involved in the application and development of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods for multiphase flows, melting/solidification and developed a novel approach for analysis of packed bed reactors. As part of graduate research work, he developed CFD solution methods and solvers for analysis of internal and external, unsteady flows in aircraft inlets.