David W. McCord, P.E.

David W. McCord, P.E., specializes in railroad signal engineering. Mr. McCord began his railroad signal engineering career at Union Pacific Railroad in 1970.  During his 25 years at the railroad, he held a unique position of a system wide project manager, research engineer and general trouble shooter. He routinely designed and built new electronic devices (dubbed by co-workers as “McCord Miracle Boxes”) that provided economical solutions to difficult signal and communication problems throughout the system.  He also investigated signal failures, train accidents, and power line interference issues.  

He has presented several papers at major Association of American Railroads (AAR) engineering conventions on signal design and engineering issues.  He also worked actively in AAR Committee F, which was responsible for creation and review of Manual parts for the AAR Signal Manual that provided recommendations for installation and design of railroad signal equipment.  Committee F also oversaw joint AAR/Electric Power and Research Institute creation of the Railroad Signal Electromagnetic Interference Manual (“Blue Book”) presently used as a guide by power companies and railroad signal engineers for power line/railroad coordination.  

After taking a buyout from Union Pacific, he continued to serve the railroad signal industry as a freelance consulting engineer at railroads and signal manufacturers throughout the United States and Canada. He also provided signal training for signal design firms and light rail systems.  

David McCord is a licensed Professional Engineer in several states, and holds a B.S.E.E and M.S.I.E. from the University of Nebraska. He is a member of the AAR, and was Vice Chairman and Chairman of, AAR Committee F. He is presently a fellow in the International Railway Signal Engineering association (IRSE), member of IEEE, and an active member of committee 38 in the American Railroad Engineering and Maintenance Association (AREMA).