Mohamed Elsanabary, PhD, P.Eng.

Mohamed Elsanabary, PhD, P.Eng., completed his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and his Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from Suez Canal University, Egypt.  He earned his PhD in Water Resources Engineering in 2012 from The University of Alberta. He is an Assistant Professor at Civil Engineering Department, Port Said University. He is currently in a Postdoctoral Fellowship at The University of Alberta.

Dr. Elsanabary has over 10 years teaching experience delivering courses on Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering as a Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant and Instructor for Suez Canal University, Egypt, the University of Alberta and NAIT, Edmonton. Dr. Elsanabary has also worked as a Design and Structural Engineer in Port Said, Egypt. He has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Civil Engineering and Water Resources Engineering.

Dr. Elsanabary has received numerous awards and recognitions such as the Professional Development Grant from The University of Alberta, and has a P.Eng. designation from the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta. He is a member of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences and the American Society of Civil Engineers, and has previously served as Communication Coordinator for the Edmonton chapter of the CWRA–SYP.