John Vonasek, P.E.

John Vonasek, P.E., is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Madison and is a licensed Professional Engineer in several states. He began his engineering career in 1979. Since then, he has gained significant experience in the analysis, design and investigation of structures, and for the last 26 years specialized in spray booths and finishing enclosures for GFS, the largest provider of spray finishing enclosures in the U.S. Mr. Vonasek became the Engineering Department Manager in 2005, leading a group of 20 Mechanical, Structural and Electrical Engineers, designers and programmers. He took part in technical sales presentations as well as educational and training presentations for customers, distributors, outside architects, and engineers and internal designers. He served as an alternate on the NFPA 33 Technical Committee on Finishing Processes, is member of the Trus Joist Innovators Hall of Fame, was an active member in SME and received a national design award from the American Consulting Engineers Council. Mr. Vonasek retired in 2015.