Guy Van Meulebrouck, P.E.

Guy Van Meulebrouck, P.E., has over 30 years of hands-on design experience in the mechanical engineering industry and has obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Architectural Engineering from the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado (1984). His education includes relevant coursework in acoustics, building science, solar engineering, cost estimating, structural design, architecture, and lighting design.

This education was rounded off with actual field experience installing plumbing, radiant floor heating systems, ductwork, and solar heating systems. Mr. Van Meulebrouck also has practical experience from a client standpoint serving as president of board of directors for a 250-unit condominium complex during a $1.5 million programmed maintenance project, and in building engineering. He has consulted for mechanical systems for commercial, residential, and industrial type projects since 1984.