Joseph B. Kumor, P.E.

Joseph B. Kumor, P.E., is a telecommunications professional with over 38 years of experience in engineering, installation, and planning of network equipment. He has chaired the committees that evolved the original Bell Atlantic and Telcordia Quality Standards through the mergers with NYNEX, GTE, and MCI, which today are the Verizon Installation Standards. As a Manager for Quality Assurance, Mr. Kumor has directed specialists and contractors through the engineering and installation audit process across all of the Verizon regions in the United States. He also resolved engineering and installation issues involving over 25 Verizon suppliers.

Since November 2015, Mr. Kumor has directed principal engineers and specialists in the CNSR (Clean, Neat, Safe, and Reliable) auditing of Verizon central offices to address infrastructure issues, environment health & safety issues, and compliance with OSHA standards.

As the Manager of Power/Space/Frame, Mr. Kumor directed the common systems engineers in New Jersey and the Potomac Regions of Bell Atlantic and managed the Northern New Jersey engineers in writing of transport telephone equipment orders for the engineering, installation, and furnishing of network equipment.

Mr. Kumor has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Degree and an MBA in Finance. He is a licensed professional engineer and a member of the IEEE.