Loering M. Johnson, P.E. (Ret.)

Loering M. Johnson, P.E. (Retired), received a BS EE from the University of North Dakota (1952), a MS Eng. Sci. degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (1961), and has taken further study in Records Management, Corporation Finance, Quality Assurance, and Failure Evaluation. He has been in engineering practice for 54 years, 44 years as a registered/licensed professional engineer in Connecticut (Connecticut changed from registry to licensing during this period).

His principal areas of experience/expertise, from 33 years in industry, 21 years in private practice, are:

  • Design of instrumentation and control systems for a navy nuclear-powered propulsion system
  • Design and supply of instrumentation and control systems for army and civilian nuclear-powered electric power plants
  • Service on national standards committees (10 years) and on the IEEE Standards Board (4 years)
  • Management of Quality Assurance records
  • Development of Quality Assurance programs and procedures
  • Development of procedures for project management and for compliance with European Union directives in obtaining the CE mark

His technical contributions include:

  • Publications
    • chapters on nuclear-powered electric power generation in two electrical engineers’ handbooks
    • Numerous technical papers; most accompanied by oral presentation
    • Articles for technical magazines and journals
    • An in-company newsletter on standards activities (14 years)
  • Innovations –several new and unique items of instrumentation
  • Patent – co-inventor of a continuous monitor for chemical shim in a nuclear reactor system
  • Teaching – as an Adjunct Professor taught a control system design course (4 years) at the University of Hartford School of Engineering

His professional/technical memberships are:

  • Life Member of the National Society of Professional Engineers
  • Fellow Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • Member Emeritus of Sigma Xi