Risk Management: Risk Control Methods

Course Number: BS-1022
Credit: 1 PDH
Subject Matter Expert: William "Bill" A. Hein, P.E.
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In Risk Management: Risk Control Methods, you'll learn ...

  • What is risk control and why it is so crucial to a business organization’s bottom line
  • Claims management and litigation management
  • Disaster recovery
  • Ownership and monitoring of risk control methods


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Credit: 1 PDH

Length: 17 pages


This course is part of a series of six (6) courses covering the topic of Risk Management. There are no pre-requisites needed for any of the courses. If you have limited knowledge of risk management, you would benefit most by starting with the course “The Risk Management Process”.

The remaining courses can be taken in any order or as a “stand-alone” course, based on your needs and interests. The most logical course order if you are seeking to expand your overall knowledge in the field of risk management would be:

  1. The Risk Management Process
  2. Risk Identification Methods
  3. Risk Analysis Methods
  4. Risk Control Methods
  5. Risk Financing Methods
  6. Risk Management Program Administration, Review and Evaluation

The control of risk is the logical next step in the risk management process after identifying and analyzing risk factors to which the organization is exposed. The organization can approach risk control through a strategic, system-wide risk management plan. This plan must result in the most economic financial benefit to the organization's cash flows.

Risk control reduces the financial impact of risk and must be applied to each identified risk factor. There are a variety of risk control methods, and each risk factor must be treated with one or more of these methods. It is imperative that each risk factor is controlled by the most cost-effective and financially beneficial way or means.

In this course, we will explore the risk management methods that can be utilized to control the identified risk exposures. You will gain an understanding of the seven methods used for risk control, the importance of post-loss procedures, claims management, litigation management, disaster recovery, and ownership and monitoring of risk control methods.

Upon completion of this course, you will understand the risk control process for applying the most appropriate risk control method or methods for the identified risk factors to which the business organization is exposed by utilizing the most cost useful and financially beneficial methods for each risk factor.

Specific Knowledge or Skill Obtained

This course teaches the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • The six risk control methods of prevention, avoidance, reduction separation, segregation/duplication, and transfer of the loss
  • Types of post-loss procedures
  • The ownership and monitoring of risk control methods

Certificate of Completion

You will be able to immediately print a certificate of completion after passing a multiple-choice quiz consisting of 10 questions. PDH credits are not awarded until the course is completed and quiz is passed.

Board Acceptance
This course is applicable to professional engineers in:
Alabama (P.E.) Alaska (P.E.) Arkansas (P.E.)
Delaware (P.E.) Florida (P.E. Other Topics) Georgia (P.E.)
Idaho (P.E.) Indiana (P.E.) Iowa (P.E.)
Kansas (P.E.) Kentucky (P.E.) Louisiana (P.E.)
Maine (P.E.) Minnesota (P.E.) Mississippi (P.E.)
Missouri (P.E.) Montana (P.E.) Nevada (P.E.)
New Hampshire (P.E.) New Jersey (P.E.) New Mexico (P.E.)
North Carolina (P.E.) North Dakota (P.E.) Oklahoma (P.E.)
Oregon (P.E.) Pennsylvania (P.E.) South Carolina (P.E.)
South Dakota (P.E.) Tennessee (P.E.) Texas (P.E.)
Utah (P.E.) Vermont (P.E.) Virginia (P.E.)
West Virginia (P.E.) Wisconsin (P.E.) Wyoming (P.E.)
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PDHengineer Course Preview

Preview a portion of this course before purchasing it.

Credit: 1 PDH

Length: 17 pages

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