Try It Before You Buy It

Try this PDHengineer webinar before you buy itFirst-time webinar attendees can try this webinar before buying it! Simply sign up for a seat and attend the webinar ... just like any other webinar participant.

You are free to disconnect from the webinar at any time, and you owe nothing. However, we think you'll want to stay until the end. If so, and you wish to receive a certificate of completion, you can pay up to one week after the webinar is held. It's a risk-free way to try a webinar. (Note that all Try It Before You Buy It purchases made after the webinar is held will be at the regular retail price shown on the webinar overview page. Discount codes cannot be applied.)

Although the number of webinar attendees is limited, we can generally accommodate most who request a seat. We will confirm your reservation the day before the live webinar with an email containing the access information you'll need to attend.

If you'd like to try this webinar before you buy it, use the link below to request a seat.

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