Earn a Free Ethics Webinar for Your Entire Engineering Team

The PDHengineer Corporate Discount Program allows PEs from both large and small firms to take advantage of a discounted rate on courses and webinars. And, you can also help your entire engineering staff to earn free Ethics PDH.

You begin by requesting your corporate discount code, and we’ll immediately provide you with a Discount Code that is good for 20% off as many courses and webinars as you’d like to pack in your shopping cart. This is a one-use code, so you’ll want to be certain to purchase as many PDH as you need for your renewal.

Our staff will review the information you’ve submitted and then issue a permanent PDHengineer Corporate Discount Code good for 20% off the price of courses and webinars. Here’s where it gets good …

Free Ethics Webinar

  • Your company’s engineers receive a free one-hour ethics webinar – Up to 25 engineers can attend a free ethics webinar (1 PDH accepted by all states). There is no cost to you or to your company! You simply provide the conference room and phone/internet connection. Then sit back and enjoy the live, interactive webinar that PDHengineer has popularized*.
  • After the webinar is attended by a minimum of 5 engineers, your PDHengineer Corporate Discount Code will be “super-sized” and any future purchases using the code will receive 25% off!
  • Then, during the next 12 months, if at least 5 engineers purchase courses using your Corporate Discount Code, we’ll arrange another 1 hour Ethics webinar at no charge to you!

It costs absolutely nothing. You pay nothing. Your company pays nothing. It’s the Corporate Discount Program that is truly valuable for all.

* All fields are required!

*A minimum of 5 engineers must preregister and attend the ethics webinar. A maximum of 25 may attend. The company provides the conference room along with an appropriate phone and internet connection and any needed projection to allow the video to be seen by the group. Ethics credits are good in all states. Webinar credits are accepted as “live, interactive” training and meet the “live” training requirements of the New York and Wisconsin boards. All states accept webinars for use as continuing education credits. Engineers must complete a short opinion survey before certificate of completion is issues. Ohio-licensed PEs must complete a short quiz.