Lunchtime presentations, online courses, and other training tools provide an excellent opportunity to educate engineers on topics relevant to their practice, while at the same time establishing credibility with these important decision-makers. You may be tempted to award professional development hour (PDH) credit to participants in your training sessions. But, do you really understand all the requirements for awarding continuing education to engineers?

The Rules Vary By State

More than 40 states mandate professional development for engineers and each state has its own rules.

  • Some states require continuing education providers to be approved by the state licensing board.
  • Other states prohibit “equipment demonstrations” by vendors.
  • Various states restrict certain subject matter and content of the presentation.
  • Some states place restrictions on where and when marketing materials can be presented to engineers.

If you want to issue PDH credit to engineers, you must learn every rule in every state. You need to understand not only what the rule means, but also the intent of the board in issuing the rule.

Award PDH Credits with Confidence

Does this all sound quite confusing and a bit overwhelming? Don’t worry … we’re here to help. PDHengineer invests countless hours each year studying rule changes and corresponding with the state engineering licensing boards. Our PDH compliance expertise is unmatched in the industry!

In fact, more than 700,000 hours of PDHengineer courses and webinars have been accepted by every state board in the U.S. that mandates continuing education. And no PDHengineer course has EVER been rejected by a state licensing board.

Whether you already train professional engineers or you’re looking for guidance on getting started, we can help you develop a program that will engage your target audience while remaining compliant with state licensing board rules.

If you’re not educating professional engineers through either live or asynchronous training, then you’re missing an opportunity to showcase your knowledge and expertise to a receptive audience of influencers and decision-makers. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn more.

Ken Hudspeth – General Manager

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