PDHengineer offers all of our online courses by correspondence.

Do you prefer to learn the traditional way – using a paper and pencil? With PDHengineer’s correspondence courses, there’s no need to create a login account or complete an online quiz. And there’s no need to enter your credit card information online.

Just call our Customer Service Team at 1-877-PDHengineer (1-877-734-3644) to order. Then, simply read the course material and hand mark your answers on a sheet of paper. You can fax, mail, or email the completed quiz to us for grading. Upon achieving a passing grade, you’ll receive your certificate of completion by email, fax, or mail – it’s your choice!

Step 1

Search for courses and make a list of the courses that you wish to complete.

Correspondence courses will incur a fee of $4.95 per credit hour in addition to the purchase price listed on the website.

Step 2

Contact us by phone or fax and provide the following information:

  • Your name and address.
  • The list of courses that you would like to purchase, along with the purchase price listed on the website.
  • Your credit card information. If faxing your request, please be sure to include the credit card number, expiration date, and name as shown on the card.
  • Your preferred delivery method (postal mail or email), along with your contact information.

PDHengineer Contact Information

Phone: 1-877-PDHengineer (1-877-734-3644)

Fax: 281-676-3633

Email: support@PDHengineer.com

Step 3

Our customer service representative will process your order and send you the courses per the delivery method that you requested.

Step 4

Read the course material and record your answers on the quiz sheet. Then, send your answer sheet to us by mail, fax, or email.

Step 5

We’ll grade your answer sheet immediately upon receipt and send your certificate of completion on the same day using your requested delivery method. If you do not receive a passing score, you will be informed that you need to retake the quiz. (Three quiz attempts are included at no additional charge. Each additional quiz attempt will incur a $3.95 grading fee.)

Begin your search for courses now.