Course Number: SEM-E-3031

Length of Course: 3 hours – Several topics can be combined to provide up to an 8 hour seminar session

Seminar Location: This seminar is available for on-site training

In Power Factor Correction: How it Works and How to Design for It, you’ll learn …


  • Basic principles of AC/DC circuit theory
  • Why voltage and power losses occur when electrical power is transmitted
  • The different loads occurring in inductive, capacitive, and reactive circuits
  • How power factor correction works to lower your electric bill


Would you rent a 10-ton truck every month, year after year, when a 5-ton truck would do the job? Chances are that’s exactly what you’re doing with your electric company. When the electric loads in your plant have a power factor lower than 1 (or unity), you pay a higher demand charge (or rent) for the equipment that delivers power to you. This higher demand charge can cost your company tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per year or more in higher energy costs.

Using practical examples and helpful illustrations, this webinar teaches you how power factor works and how to design for power factor correction when installing new or refurbished equipment in your facility.

It provides valuable information for any engineer involved in the design or maintenance of facilities that consume even moderate amounts of electric power. An electrical engineering background is not required to understand and benefit from this webinar.

Take away and learning objectives

This course teaches the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • AC and DC circuit theory
  • The inevitable voltage and power losses that occur whenever electrical power is transmitted
  • How power flows as a sine wave of double the line frequency
  • How current and power flow are different in resistive, inductive, and capacitive circuits
  • How power factor correction works
  • The importance of considering power factor when specifying, purchasing, and installing equipment

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