Does offer discounts?

Yes, periodically offers discounts to our customers. To be informed when discounts may be available, sign up for our Current Promotions circular If your company has five or more licensed professional engineers on staff, you may be eligible for our Corporate Discount Program.

Does offer discounts?2023-03-14T13:41:25-05:00

How do I use PDHengineer Reward Tokens?

PDHengineer Reward Tokens are credits that you can use to purchase courses. Reward Tokens can be either earned (for online courses and webinars, one token is awarded for each PDH purchased) or purchased as a part of a PDHengineer Build Your Own Package. In both cases, 10 PDHengineer Reward Tokens can be redeemed for a [...]

How do I use PDHengineer Reward Tokens?2023-03-14T13:41:23-05:00

Can I share PDHengineer Reward Tokens with a Colleague?

Reward Tokens are awarded to or purchased by an individual and cannot be shared. However, a group of engineers or a company can purchase a pool of tokens to be shared among its members. (Purchase amounts range from 100 to 5,000 tokens.) This pool of tokens can be shared by the entire group. You can [...]

Can I share PDHengineer Reward Tokens with a Colleague?2023-03-14T13:41:23-05:00

How can I see how many Reward Tokens I have in my account?

The number of Reward Tokens is displayed at the top of the My Account page. Click the My Account link at the top of any page. Also, if you are making an eligible purchase and Tokens in your account, an option will appear in the shopping cart asking if you wish to use Reward Tokens [...]

How can I see how many Reward Tokens I have in my account?2023-03-14T13:41:22-05:00

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