After purchasing and enrolling in a webinar, you can navigate to to be linked directly to the webinar site. Feel free to bookmark this page if you plan on attending multiple webinars.

In order to create the live, interactive environment, PDHengineer’s webinars use both audio and video. And, there are several ways to connect:

  • Video
    • Using your desktop computer, laptop, or tablet, the video connection requires a high-speed internet connection such as DSL or cable. A home or office WiFi connection generally works well, but in some cases, a public WiFi network such as those at coffee shops, hotels, or restaurants can be too slow and may be troublesome.
    • For iPad or Android users, a free app is available in either the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
  • Audio — Use your landline, your cell phone, or no phone at all!
    • Landline and cell phone users will call in to establish the audio connection. For your comfort, it is suggested that you use a speakerphone or headset to connect.
    • If you prefer to use your computer’s audio and microphone, a link appears upon log in to the webinar site that will guide you through connection. It is suggested that you test audio prior to the webinar and that you log in 30 minutes before the webinar begins in order to verify two-way communication.

All participants are required to make both audio and video connection to the webinar. Our system supports both Windows and Apple operating systems. While we do not suggest using a smartphone to view a webinar, depending on your phone’s capabilities, it may be an option. Unfortunately, due to the large number of smartphones with varied capabilities, our tech support department cannot provide assistance for issues involving smartphone viewing.

About 10 minutes before the scheduled starting time, go to After clicking on the link, you will be asked to enter your name and email address.

Of course, our Customer Service Team is available to help if you have any questions about accessing the webinar. Our toll-free number is 1-877-PDHengineer (1-877-734-3644). A dedicated team of tech support professionals is available to help with more complex issues. The toll-free number can be found on the webinar log in page

If you have misplaced the purchase receipt showing the login information, just go to the My Account page and select My Courses to find a link to the webinar access information.