The VIPeR Method of Circuit Analysis

by Robert J. Scoff, P.E.

139 pages in paperback for $49.95 (free shipping)

The VIPeR Method of Circuit Analysis will help anyone who desires to learn how electrical circuits really work. Any circuit is drawn, and then a VIPeR Chart is made and filled in using only simple multiply and divide operations. This is so easy that anyone can do it.

How to Get Started
This text shows any person how to look at electrical circuits in a particular way. A circuit is drawn, and a VIPeR Chart is made, and the unknowns in the circuit are filled in using two or three simple equations. Even people experienced in the electrical world will be amazed at how easy circuits work becomes.

DC, AC, and Three Phase
This book gives some important historical facts about the beginnings of electrical theory. Then, Resistance, Voltage, and Current are briefly described. Power and Energy are also explained. Then, the VIPeR Method is explained, with numerous examples.

  • Direct Current Circuits are first described, because Direct Current is really easier to understand.
  • Alternating Current Circuits are then described, and this is a bit more involved.
  • Finally Three Phase Circuits are described, and made understandable. This may be the first explanation of Three Phase Circuits that makes Three Phase easy to see.
  • Then, the square root of 3 just magically appears as part of the analysis.

How Can the VIPeR Method Help You?
Anyone who wants to work on electrical or electronic devices needs to understand something about electrical circuits. If we understand basic electrical theory we can navigate the electrical world in a much easier manner. It really helps us live and work in the world if we have some idea of how things work. This book will help everyone understand how electrical things work in a deeper more comprehensible manner.

The Perfect Companion to any of Bob’s continuing education programs
The 139-page spiral-bound paperback book gives an in depth, yet easy to understand method of analyzing circuits. And, it’s available for just $49.95 with free shipping. The book typically ships by USPS within 72 hours of receipt of payment. Quantities are limited, so get your copy today. Available only in the United States.

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