Your group all attend for one low priceSave up to 42% off regular webinar prices

Special rates are available for groups of engineers attending a regularly-scheduled webinar from one location. This is a convenient way to ensure that your staff is getting high-quality continuing education and staying on-track with enough PDH for license renewal. Plus, many PDHengineer webinars are held during or adjacent to the lunch hour allowing you to schedule lunch for your group during the webinar.

Best of all, every attendee receives an individual certificate of completion that is guaranteed to be accepted by your state licensing board.

How a Site License Works

Choose any webinar from the wide variety on our webinar calendar. A site license fee of $350 per hour covers the cost of up to 10 people attending the webinar from the same location. Additional participants may attend (up to a total of 30), in which case you will be invoiced for each additional participant at the rate of $35 per hour. That’s a 42% savings compared to the normal price of PDHengineer webinars!

You provide the meeting room, a speakerphone connection, and appropriate video hookup (such as projection to a screen). Prior to the webinar, we’ll email you any handouts as well as a sign-in sheet for the participants.

Once the webinar is complete, email, or fax us the sign-in sheet, and we’ll electronically deliver certificates of completion to all attendees. It’s that easy! Of course, if you have any questions, you can call our Customer Service Team toll-free at 1-877-PDHengineer (1-877-734-3644).

Larger groups: Call Josh Rodriguez at 1-877-PDHengineer (1-877-734-3644) if you have a group larger than 30 people or if you will have attendees in multiple locations.

It’s Just Like Being There

Our instructors are trained to engage your entire group and provide a true interactive experience for attendees. Anyone in your group can ask questions and share ideas, making PDHengineer’s webinars a unique learning experience.

Plus, you avoid the hassle and expense of traveling to a seminar; and you don’t suffer the loss of productivity caused by having your staff offsite for a long period of time.

Reserve Your Webinar Now

We suggest that you reserve your webinar space early as seating is limited. Select your webinar using the calendar of upcoming webinars or see our full list of webinars, then purchase online using the Site License link at the bottom of the webinar overview page. If you prefer to purchase by phone, feel free to contact our Customer Service Team toll free at 1-877-PDHengineer.

Private Groups or Special Topics

PDHengineer can tailor a webinar especially for your company, association, or group. We can accommodate most special requests including:

  • Webinars held exclusively for your company team members attending from one location or various locations around the country
  • Special topic requests
  • Webinars featuring a speaker or speakers from your company with or without a PDHengineer instructor
  • Webinars held at specific times such as lunchtime, evenings, or weekends
  • Invitation-only webinars for engineering clubs or groups with individual or group payment

For more information on private webinars, contact:

Josh Rodriguez, Webinar Coordinator

Phone: 1-877-PDHengineer (1-877-734-3644)