Wisconsin Webinars - Renewal Package - 13 PDH

Course Number: RT-BYO-13, 13-PDH
Credit: 13 PDH
Price: $309.00

Save up to 60% with PDHengineer's Wisconsin 13 PDH Webinar Renewal Package

It’s designed especially for Wisconsin PEs to meet their board requirement that a minimum of 13 PDH must be met using courses with "interaction between the engineer and the instructor." PDHengineer's webinars meet this requirement and are Triple Guaranteed to be accepted by the Board.

You choose the webinars you want

You select 13 PDH credits from the large selection of PDHengineer webinars and save 60% based on regular pricing. You pick the webinars that meet your needs - we offer webinars nearly every day of the week and cover all of the major engineering disciplines.

So, whether your area of practice is civil, mechanical, structural, electrical or any other, you can customize the selection to fit your needs. And remember, all of our courses and webinars are covered by the PDHengineer Triple Guarantee of acceptance by the Wisconsin Board.

How it Works

When you purchase the Wisconsin 13 PDH Webinar Renewal Package, you will have 130 Reward Tokens placed into your account. PDHengineer Reward Tokens are redeemable for any webinar we offer. 10 Reward Tokens can be redeemed for a 1 PDH course or webinar, 20 Reward Tokens are redeemed for a 2 PDH course, and so on. Your 130 Reward Tokens will be redeemable for 13 PDH.

  • This package includes enough PDH to meet the Wisconsin Board requirement for "interaction between engineer and instructor"
  • You select any 13 PDH credits from our entire library of courses and webinars
  • Earn rewards every time you use your tokens
  • And, if you don’t need all 13 PDH now, unused tokens remain in your login account forever – they never expire

The Wisconsin Renewal Package provides the best discount and the most flexibility of any program we offer. You get $778.70 worth of webinars for only $309.

More Details

PDHengineer's Renewal and Build Your Own Packages are offered at highly discounted prices and are ineligible for additional discounting.

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