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To download, view, and print course files, you must have a PDF reader installed on your computer. The most common of these is the free Adobe Reader although other programs are available that offer similar functionality. If you choose to install Adobe Reader, please note that Adobe suggests that previous versions of Reader be uninstalled before installing a new version. Additionally, the download may offer to install an alternate browser or other software, which is not required for use of the program. We do not suggest that you install the alternate browser or software.

Most browsers allow you to change the default program to open PDF files. If you are having issues with the pre-installed program, you may wish to change the default to Acrobat.

Some PDF reading programs are problematic with longer documents as are some of the PDF readers installed automatically by some internet browsers. If you are having issues and do not have a standalone copy of Adobe Reader, we suggest that you download the free version shown above.

If you are still unable to download a course file by clicking on the link, please contact our Customer Service Team for assistance.