PDHengineer’s lunchtime webinars cover topics that are relevant to your engineers’ professional practice. These interactive sessions are compelling and convenient for the entire staff to attend and provide the PDH credits mandated by state licensing boards.

Public Webinars

PDHengineer provides regularly scheduled webinars several times per week covering topics in all the major engineering disciplines. Each webinar is presented online with a live audio and video feed that can be viewed on a computer or projected onto a screen in a conference room. Your engineers will be able to ask questions and interact live with other participants from across the country.

Site licenses are available for companies with 5 or more engineers attending a webinar. Simply search for a webinar topic using the upcoming webinar calendar or see our full list of webinars, then click on the Site License link on the webinar overview page.

Restricted-Access Training

Does your company employ a large group of engineers? Do you prefer a more intimate training experience for your employees? PDHengineer can deliver any one of our existing webinar topics exclusively to your employees in a private setting.

For more information on private webinars, contact:

Josh Rodriguez, Webinar Coordinator

Phone: 1-877-PDHengineer (1-877-734-3644)

Email: josh.rodriguez@PDHengineer.com

Engineering Ethics

Some state boards mandate that engineers earn at least 1 hour of Engineering Ethics credit every renewal cycle. PDHengineer has several compelling webinar topics that are guaranteed to be accepted for Engineering Ethics credit by all state licensing boards.

For example, our Engineering Disasters series examines the chain of events that precipitated some of history’s most intriguing catastrophes, such as the Kansas City Hyatt Walkway Collapse and the Great Boston Molasses Flood. Each webinar in the Engineering Disasters series includes valuable lessons that your engineers can apply to the execution of current and future projects. Find Ethics Webinars.