When you purchase a PDHengineer Build Your Own Package, you are credited with enough Reward Tokens to purchase courses or webinars equal to the package value. For each 1 PDH course or webinar taken, you account is charged 10 Reward Tokens, 20 is charged for a 2 PDH course or webinar, 30 for a 3 PDH course or webinar, etc. Since 1 PDH = 10 Reward Tokens, a 15 PDH Package means you’d receive 150 Reward Tokens. A 30 PDH Package would receive 300 Reward Tokens, and so on.

PDHengineer Reward Tokens never expire. With our Build Your Own Packages, this means that you can purchase a larger quantity at a lower price per course. Since the tokens never expire, you can use the remaining tokens for future purchases. It’s a great tip for saving even more.

And, just as a reminder, each time you redeem Reward Tokens, you are credited with extra Tokens. For each 1 PDH you buy, you receive 1 additional Reward Token. These are simply added to your account and can be redeemed for courses as well.