Perhaps the best thing about PDHengineer Build your Own Packages is the flexibility. Not only do you get to select from any of the courses or webinars in our library, but you also get to choose the number of course credits you wish to purchase. Remember, as the number of credits increases, so does the discount. So you’ll want to consider purchasing a larger package to get the larger discount. Since the credits never expire, you can lock in the lowest prices for the next several years.

The minimum Build Your Own Package is 10 PDH, and the largest for individuals is 50 PDH. Our packages are structured to include both “round numbers,” such as 10, 15, 30, and 50 PDH; and we also offer packages specifically designed for particular states. For instance we offer a package of 36 PDH for those licensed in New York (to meet the triennial requirement) and also for 18 PDH to cover the live training requirement. See a full list of the packages.