Discount codes are offered periodically by PDHengineer. To use a discount code, add the courses or webinars you wish to purchase to the shopping cart. When reviewing your shopping cart, below the list of courses selected, you will see an option to apply a discount code to your order. Select “Use Discount Code,” enter the code, and click the “Apply Discount” button. Your price will be updated.

If you do not see an option to “Use Discount Code,” the item(s) in your shopping cart may not be eligible for a discount. For instance, Build Your Own Packages, State Renewal Packages, and Webinar Site Licenses are sold at highly-discounted prices and cannot be further reduced with discount codes.

If you receive an error message when entering the code, it may mean that the code entered is incorrect or that the code has expired. Please check to be certain you have entered the code correctly and check the code’s expiration date.

Our Customer Service Team is happy to assist if you have further concerns or questions.