When you purchase a PDHengineer Build Your Own Package, Reward Tokens are credited to your account. Ten PDHengineer Reward Tokens can be redeemed for a 1 PDH course or webinar. A 2 PDH course requires 20 Tokens, etc.

To redeem your tokens, add the courses or webinars you wish to purchase to your shopping cart, and then click “checkout.” Below the list of courses in your cart, you will see three options: (a) Use Voucher; (b) Use Discount Code; and (c) Use Tokens. Click “Use Tokens” and “Apply.” The tokens will be applied and your balance due will be adjusted to zero. Then, complete the checkout process normally. You will not be asked for payment information.

Please remember that, a shopping cart cannot contain both Reward redemption and normal purchases. A separate cart is required for each type of transaction.